Frequently asked questions


Can you perform these moon rituals on special days, such as Hallows Eve?

You can do spells on Hallows'Eve, the blue moon "second full moon", or any regular day. Here we are focusing on the new moon. Beginning spells are good for the new moon, completion and intuition spells for the full moon, spells to decrease things during the waning moon, spells to increase things during the waxing moon for best results,for service or advice contact Powerful Spiritual healer Mamaprofroy via email or WhatsApp no.+27612740438

I have dreams for months and then something in the dream happens. How can I increase this ability?

This ability that you have is called precognition, which is being given dreams, visions, and feelings of an event in the future, and then experiencing the event come to pass. You can increase this ability by meditating and focusing on the thoughts that come to you, especially before bed and as you are falling asleep. Keep a dream journal and write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up.for service or advice contact Powerful Psychic reader Mamaprofroy via email or Whats App no.+27612740438.