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Fictional magic may or may not include a detailed magic system, but when the author does not bother to systematize the magic or create rules, it is more likely that magic will be used simply at the author's convenience, rather than as a necessary plot element.

In any given fantasy magical system the magical ability of the character is limited. Limitations can add conflict to the story and prevent characters from becoming all-powerful with magic.

Fantasy writers use a variety of techniques to limit the magic in their stories such as limiting the number of spells. Magic to the use of a specific object limiting magic to the use of certain rare materials.

-The Mamarofroy's studying with how characters acquire magic?
Authors introduce magic into their stories, and to their characters, in varying ways. 

Although there is great variation in how spontaneously magic occurs how difficult it is to wield, and how the guidelines to the magic are implemented, there are a handful of methods for introducing magic found in many fictional works. 

In many fantasy works, writers depict magic as an innate talent, equivalent to perfect pitch.

 Magic may also be gained through a pact with a devil or with other spirits, a characteristic common in folklore.

In some works, such as fairy tales, magic items either endow the main characters with magical powers or have magical powers themselves. They are often used as plot devices.

Magic divided into separate areas in some works, types of magic are divided by color. these Some works feature magic that is performed through using words to cast spells.

 While many works use this method without offering an explanation for it, others do offer an explanation, for service or advice contact Powerful Magical Mamaprofroy via email or WhatsApp

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