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These are (3 )Three Methods of Fingers Lines and is trusted recommended used to represent the Effective approve.

-How to Important information that performs fast?: 

Palmistry is considered pseudo-science and although it can be easily tested by scientific standards, it has no evidence supporting it. Scientists consider it just another cold-reading technique.

Palm Reading is a worthwhile talent that an unfortunately small amount of people know how to do. While it is relatively easy to learn the basics of reading palms, there are more than just lines on your hand. Palm reading consists of three parts: Chirognomy (the study of hand shapes, including fingers and mounts), Chiromancy (the study of the lines" and Dermatoglyphics "a study of skin ridges and fingerprints'. Read on to learn some advanced techniques to use while reading palms.


-How to Examine the finger shape that works fast?. 

Finger shape normally coincides with the shape of the hand. However, most hands represent a mixture of finger types. This mixture helps to create a diversity of qualities and talents for a person. The shape of the fingernail is also used in trying to determine the type of finger.
Square fingers have square nails and represent a down-to-earth quality with respect to the attributes of the finger.
Pointed fingers often have almond-shaped nails and reveal an artistic nature.
Spade-shaped fingers have square-based nails which broaden at the tip and represent inventiveness.
Cone-shaped fingers have oval nails and represent an imaginative quality.
With mixed fingers, if a person had a square type of ring finger, for example, then they would be artistically inclined. But if the same person had a pointed index finger, then their occupation will commonly not be art-related.
When it comes to nails, naturally long nails show a soft heart; short nails show an unfortunate paranoid and uneasy nature; wide nails show quarrelsome qualities; narrow nails show a conservative and refined nature.

-How to Examine the finger smoothness that performs fast?.

 The smoothness or knottiness of the fingers and their joints is a good indication of which area of life a person would most likely be active in. It also deals with the instinctive, practical, and intellectual attainment in regards to the fields which each finger represents. The middle finger deals with service "goals, restrictions". The index finger deals with authority "position, wealth, happiness". The ring finger deals with fulfillment "fame, success". Finally, the little finger deals with activity "health, mind, commercial ventures".
If your joints are generally smooth, then you may tend to be passive, letting others control you, but at the same time quite impulsive which may sometimes lead to carelessness.
If your top knuckles are smooth and your middle ones are internally rough, then you are a person whose intellect and practicality work well together. A strong instinctive drive is a characteristic of well-developed knuckles.
The fleshiness of the pads inside the fingers, as well as the flatness of those areas, show a good development or lack of it in regards to the attributes of each finger.
Well-developed balls on the ends of fingers show a strong intellect and courtesy of the mind. A flatness represents a lack of intellectual insight regarding the attributes of the respective fingers.

-How to Examine the finger spacing that works fast?.

 It is also important to note the way fingers are spaced apart. With your hand in a relaxed position, examine how some fingers stand apart from others and how some stick close to the adjacent fingers.
An independent mind is signified when your little finger stands apart from the ring finger, with a great deal of space between them.
An art-related life is shown when the ring finger sticks close to the middle finger. Your fate will also aid in your success.
If your middle finger and the index finger stick close together, it shows that you will gain authority and rank through your own goals and dreams. If they stand apart, then your position will come from other means.

-How to Examine the finger build that works fast?. 

The build and thickness of a person's fingers can denote the personality type.
Heavy fingers often show a more physical nature, maybe with a tough outlook on things.
Long and slim fingers signify more of an emotional and aggressive type of person, so this person may be very sensitive to insults or very literal to sarcastic remarks.
Short and thick shows that a person is more emotionally comfortable.
If your index finger is longer than the normal length, you tend to be a leader and tell others what to do. But if it is shorter, then you tend to sit back and let others control you.

-How to Examine the finger length that works fast?. 

The length of your fingers is measured relative to the size of your palm. On average, the longest finger is about seven-eighths the size of your palm, and if it is just as long as your palm, then your fingers are considered long. Short fingers are shorter than seven-eighths of the palm. In relation to the fingers, the thumb is normally higher than the bottom joining of the index finger. 

The index finger, however, reaches a third of the way up the nail of the middle finger. The ring finger normally reaches just above the nail of the middle finger and the little, or pinkie, the finger should reach the top joint of the ring finger.
If your ring finger is longer than the normal length, you may have an artistic talent, as well as a reckless and wild nature.
If your little finger is shorter than the normal length, it shows that you lack the ability to influence others. If it is longer, you tend to be very articulate, and good at writing and selling.

-How to Read the Health Line that works fast for real ?. 

The Health Line deals with the material well-being as much as the physical. This is especially so that when the Life Line may be faint or hard to see. If a person has very faint Fate, Fame, and Success Lines, then the Health Line also lays a strong part in the development of material wealth. The Health Line can be found extending from below the little finger, down across the palm, to the base of the thumb. Sometimes, it may even join with the Life Line.
Missing - it is likely that you'll have little to no health problems.
Strong and undisturbed - strong business sense as well as the strength to work hard and make money.
Wavy - potential health problems as a result of anxiety and nervousness.
Broken - poor health will cause problems in business situations.
Smaller lines crossing Health Line - prone to accidents.
Extra lines branches onto the Life Line - sign of life-threatening situation in old age.
Square encircling the line - a sign of protection, whether it be in the form of good medical treatment or aid in solving a business problem.
Break in the line to form a donut shape - a need for hospitalization.
A triangle formed by the Life, Head, and Health Lines - known as the Lucky Triangle, where the broader the angle of the triangle, the greater your luck.

-How to Read the Fame Line that works fast?. 

The Line of Fame reinforces the Fate Line. The Fame Line influences the social rewards of success. This line, if visible, starts at the base of the hand, and moves its way up to below the ring finger, running parallel to the Fate Line.
Missing - one's future fame must be looked for in other areas of the palm; may still be successful but prefer to do without public acclaim.
Strong and clear - distinction and satisfaction with your life's work.
Broken repeatedly - the indication of the ups and downs of social recognition.
Travels straight to the ring finger - likely to have fame in the arts.
Starts at the Head Line and runs through the Heart Line - hard work and success late in life.
A separation at the end of the Fame Line "becoming two smaller lines" - success may be dubious in value.
Ends beneath the ring finger in a star or triangle - spectacular success awaits in the fine arts field "acting, singing, dancing".
Ends beneath the ring finger in a square - a kindly patron.

How to Read the Marriage Lines that work fast?. 

Relationships are indicated by the little line (or lines) that are located just below the base of the little finger. The closer the lines are to the base of the little finger, the later in life these relationships will be.
-Several light lines - romances.
-Strong and clear lines - marriage.
-Numerous overlapping lines - affairs.
-Lines that meet but don't cross - children that will be born in affairs.
-Fork at the start towards the back of the hand - long engagement.
-Fork at the end towards the palm - separation "with or without divorce".
-The line at the end that cuts the line off sharply - end to a relationship due to death or divorce.
-Breaks that resumes with an overlap - separation with a later reunion.

-How to Read the Money Lines that work fast?. 

-These lines don't indicate material wealth, so much as they represent skill in acquiring riches and how it can be done.
No Line - You will be making so much money you'll wipe your nose with a $300 bill
-The line from the base of the thumb to below the index finger, ending in a star - a natural talent for moneymaking.
-The line from the base of the thumb to the little finger - wealth acquired through inheritance or family allowances.
-The line from the base of the thumb to below the middle finger - money made in business.
-The line running to the ring finger, cutting through the Fame Line - money obtained through luck and surprise.

-How to Read the Travel Lines that work fast?. 

The Travel Lines are a major indication of the trips taken throughout your life that have had or will have a penetrating impact on your life. These lines generally start from the edge of the palm at the 'heel," opposite the thumb, and extend horizontally.
Intersecting the Life Line - a trip will be made under circumstances of health, or your health will be affected by a trip.
How to Crossing the Travel Line -danger, or problems within travel.
A square encircles the lines - a sign of protection in your travels.
Breaks - possible delay in your travels.
Intersecting the Fate Line - travel will present a life-changing experience.

-How to Read the Minor Lines that works fast?.

 The Minor Lines can be found in most hands. They include the lines of Opposition, Intuition, Escape, and Influence.
-How to Lines of Opposition that work fast?:

 These lines can be found on the outside of the palm, between the Heart and Head Lines. These lines illustrate the opposing forces that we all must deal with in life.
-The line of Intuition: This line appears on the outer palm (at the base of the hand under the little finger". It illustrates strong insight. If you have this line you are an extremely sensitive, intuitive person and may have ESP "extra-sensory perception). The line can appear to curve into the palm or out to the edge of the palm. Either way, the meaning stays the same.
-The line of Escape: This line is more towards the bottom of the palm, near the base. It often crosses the Life Line, and this crossing symbolizes the time in your life the following experience may happen. The Line of Escape illustrates an individual who escapes the problems of their life by indulging in their imagination. If it connects with the Line of Fame, they retreat into creative arts ease themselves. If the Line of Escape crosses with the Health Line, the person will resort to drugs and drinking. This may also foreshadow suicide.


-How to Lines of Influence that  performs immediately?:

 These lines originate from the base of the thumb and radiate out into the Palm. Where they connect with other lines, they illustrate an important event. 

The much sought after influence lines are the ones that show how and where you will come into money if it crosses the Money Lines.

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