Please notice about Magic wands' warnings!
Do not ever power a wand with hazardous substances because that can cause harm to you and to your wand.

Do not use a wand when you are angry. Wands are sensitive to all sorts of energy and will receive that negative energy.


Preparing Your Wand Holding a Wand Casting Spells Healing that works fast

These areas require more attention from the wand. Once the wand stops vibrating, your auras are cleansed.

When practicing a spell, practicing it at least 5 times would help if no mistakes were made.
If no herbs are potentially helping to power your wand, use a gem that represents your herb bag.

Magic wands have a rich and ancient history in a variety of traditions, dating back to Zoroastrianism, early Hinduism, and the Ancient Greeks and Romans, among other traditions. 

Wands are sensitive transmitters of energy that have a variety of uses. When used properly, a wand can be used for healing oneself, enchanting objects, and casting spells.

-How to Preparing Your Wand Charge your wand that works strong?. 

You can charge your wand by transmitting energy from yourself into the wand. Usually, do this through the hands by holding the wand in both hands. 

-These are Other methods include that performs real?

-How to Pyramid chargers that work really, Placing the wand in a specially built pyramid charger can give it a strong charge.

-Pyramids can transmit energy to other items as well and can send energy over long distances.
-How to Natural light sources that perform?. 

-Sunlight or moonlight, 

-particularly strong moonlight from a full moon, are also powerful sources of wand energy.


-How to Use desirable energy sources that work fast?. 

This is often yourself, but be aware that wands are sensitive to other energy sources as well. 

Since, you don’t want to charge your wand with unwanted energy, protect your wand with a covering. 

-This could be a cloth or a pouch, for example. Black, blue, or purple pouch coloration and celestial designs are often popular.
Be careful of depleting yourself of energy when self-charging the wand. If you feel this happening, be sure to draw energy toward the center of your body upward from the feet and downward from your head.

-How to Change your wand’s power level as appropriate to its capabilities. For example, if your wand’s magic powers were provided by an herb bag, you may want to keep herbs handy for when you are running low on magic.

-How to Cleanse your wand periodically that performs fast?. 

This is a way of ridding your wand of unwanted, negative energy prior to recharging it from a new, desirable energy source. 

There are a variety of ways to cleanse a wand. Just make sure that whatever method you use doesn’t damage the wand. 

 Please note Be careful of smoke, fire, and water damage when implementing the methods below.
Selenite is a common cleanser. Selenite often used synonymously with gypsum, is the transparent variety of the gypsum mineral.

 You can put your wand in contact with selenite for any length of time, and anywhere from a couple of hours to several days is common.

-How to Sage smoke is another method that works legit?. 

Light the sage, and allow the smoke to circulate around the wand.
Flowing water cleanses as well. 

Holding your wand in a river, stream, waterfall, or another flowing natural water source can wash away negative energy.

-How to Holding a Wand Prepare your hands that perform?. 

Rub your hands together vigorously up and down and side to side for approximately ten seconds or more prior to holding and using a wand. This will open the energy pathways in your hands, which is crucial to transferring energy to the wand.

-How to Hold the wand in your right hand for most activities that work real?. 

According to most texts, the wand should be held in the right hand while praying or while summoning or addressing spirits.

When dismissing spirits, however, hold the wand in the opposite hand. In this way, the wand is a sort of defensive weapon.
Also, hold the wand in your dominant hand or writing hand. Think of the wand as transferring energy from your dominant hand to your other, receiving the hand. Energy should flow from your center, through your arm and hand, and out the point of your wand to the receiving hand.

How to Maintain a comfortable grip that works fast?. 

Feel around the wand for a comfortable spot to grip it. Listen to the wand to hear how best to hold onto it.

-How to Casting Spells that perform strong?
-How to Find spells necessary for your wand's potential ability. try to listen to your wand and become attuned to its abilities. Some say that the wand finds the wizard.

 When you are in tune with your wand, you’ll know what spells you can cast with it. 

-These are Common spells include that performs permanent:

-Love spells to attract love, 

-Seduce a mate 

-Heal a broken heart.

-How to Beauty spells that perform real fast?. 

These often encompass height or weight adjustment or improving self-image.
-Money spells that focus on wealth, prosperity, power, or good fortune.
Protection spells to shield someone from negative energy, to protect a home or specific place, and to ward off dark magic etc...


-How to Clearly focus your inner intention that performs fast?. 

This is important prior to using a wand. 

There are several considerations to take into account before casting a spell.
Consider what you plan on calling for exactly what you want--and think about how this will bring yourself harmony.
Determine whether or not your use of the wand will cause harm, and specifically how it will affect others.


-How to Use a Magic Wand that performs legit?
-Make strokes with the wand. Strokes are simply the movements that you make with your wand. 

-They are a way of bringing your inner intentions to the external world. 

-Different people use a different number of strokes when casting a spell.
It might be helpful to think of each stroke as forming a letter. Some say this is how the word spell came into being by spelling out your intention with strokes.

-How to Perform incantations with your wand that work fast?.

Incantations are sung by spells. The word comes from the Latin stem canto which means to sing.

 Incantations put out powerful vibrations into the universe, and entrust your will to whatever higher deity you ascribe to.

-How to Practice the spells you have chosen to perform?. 

Like anything else, practice is necessary to make a spell work. Sometimes a spell might not come to fruition for a period of years.

 In other instances, you'll see more imminent results that show your energy manifesting itself in the universe.

-How to Healing Using a Magic Wand that works fast?
-How to Direct your wand toward an afflicted area for physical healing.

-The wand does not need to touch the area, but it should be pointed away from you and toward the target area.

 -You might make circular motions with the wand and incorporate a prayer, mantra, or incantation.


-These also might include that fast:
-Meditations or visualizations that ground or focus you.
-Invocations of a god, goddess, or nature spirit.
-Prayers about nature and natural subject matter, including seasonal prayers and incantations during a full moon.

-How to Clear away any physical blockages that work fast?. 

Since wands transmit energy, they improve energy flow through the body. This can be applied to breaking down blockages in a variety of systems, such as the circulatory and nervous systems. Clear away blockages by pointing the wand at the blocked area or areas, and focusing your energy and any verbal prayers or mantras that you might like to use.

-How to Expel negative psychological energy from yourself that work fast?. 

-In this case, you would point the wand at yourself.

-Meditate on the negative thoughts and feelings, and allow the wand to draw them out.

-You might speak your wishes at this point as well.
-Reduce stress and nervousness. 

Wands help clear blocked pathways that help release stress, nervousness, and other negative energy.

-How to Align chakras and auras that work fast?. 

Many people do this while lying down. Run the wand over your body and focus on when and where the wand vibrates. for service or advice contact Powerful wand Magical Mamaroy via email or WhatsApp.

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