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Reverse Spells.

-Why would you need to reverse a spell?

There are plenty of reasons why a witch might want to undo a spell ranging from fairly innocuous reasons like boredom to severe reasons like potentially hurting someone. There are two main reasons that most spells need to be reversed though.


- Unwanted results Spells
Sometimes you cast a spell and things just do not come out right. You cast a weight loss spell and instead of inspiring you to eat healthier it gives you food poisoning so you can’t eat for 2 days. 

Or you place a little hex on someone who annoyed you and the little hex ends up being a big hex because you were in such a rotten mood. Or that money spell is just causing you to find an unusual number of pennies on the sidewalk instead of sending you money through useful means. 

If for whatever reason you’ve cast a spell and the results just aren’t doing it for you then it’s time to break your own spell.


- You no longer need the spell
Sometimes the reasons for undoing a spell are much more mundane. Perhaps the spell has simply run its course and it’s time to close it down.

-Maybe you put someone on ice temporarily to give yourself time to think things over. 

-Maybe that healing spell has done its work and is now just draining your energy even though the injury is long since healed.

-Maybe award needs to be disassembled so that you can build a better one. It’s ok to get rid of an old spell that you cast just because you’re done with it. 


-How to reverse a spell
Start by taking stock. What do you have related to that spell? Do you have the remnants of the materials used to cast the spell?

Do you have notes on the casting? Journal entries about the process or the results? Nothing? 

What you have will help you decide what kind of reversing process to use.

There are many ways to reverse a spell but you need to consider your options carefully because an ineffective reversing can make things much more difficult going forward.

There are a few different methods to choose from.


-Burning the Remnants Spells
Mamaprofroy's Burning spell remnants is a pretty straightforward way to break a spell unless the spell was cast with fire.

If you used fire to cast the spell, more fire will just make it stronger. Any other type of spell, however, will likely be broken by this action. 

The biggest caveat to this method is that you have to have the remnants! If you’re not good at keeping and labeling your spell remains you’re going to have a rough time with this method.


For those of you who do keep spell remains, the process is quite simple, you just light everything on fire "be safe and make sure to use fire-safe containers for this. 

If you want, you can say an incantation or add a pinch of an herb that will help cancel out the energy of your spell but those steps are optional. Keep in mind that nothing dangerous should be burnt, don't put plastic in the fire and make sure that any herbs involved won't be harmful if you inhale the smoke.


-Have you ever cast a spell, felt like a total badass, waited with bated breath for the results and then. 

wished you could immediately take it all back?

I’ve definitely been there. You cast a spell, think you have all of the details ironed out and then suddenly things are all wrong. Spell regret is real and it happens to all witches at some time or another. If I’m honest, messing up spells here and there is just part of the learning process! Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes need a solution. 

So what’s a witch to do when a spell goes terribly wrong and everything is screwed? Well, it’s time to reverse your spell of course!

-Revenge Spells are cast when all the doors of happiness related to each and everything are closed or blocked ”

Did someone whom you trusted blindly stab you in the back, break your relationship with anyone, or doing anything to harm you by anyway and so on bad things are happening in your life. So it’s the time to take all the matters in your own hand and get the revenge you desire.

In today’s competitive world every person wants to come first in each and every field. So the person willing this can do anything to get first by harming the other person in the race by any mean or any way.


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