Perform a Wiccan Ritual?

Perform a Wiccan Ritual that perform fast+27612740438

The ritual above can be changed to suit the need of the intent, the number of participants, etc. It's just a basic structure that will assist a practitioner that needs to do many rituals.

Gather together universal symbols and always keep them in one area near your altar. One of the best universal symbols to use is one that contains the four elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Some simple ways of representing this can be a blue pillar candle on a glass or stoneware pedestal or dish designed for use with a pillar candle (the blue is Water, the lit candle is Air and Fire, and the pedestal is Earth. Sandalwood incense also works in most rituals as it is good for protection, healing, spirituality and wishes. You might be involved in a particular magical group that honors one particular deity or set of deities. Feel free to come up with your own template, either based on the one above or of your own invention. Having a template is very useful for the busy magical practitioner, and helps you to know your set-up in advance, keeping you focused. You can also use the Magician card in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck as it has all four elements represented on the card. If you choose a representation of the four elements that doesn't have a candle, place a white candle "universal energy" next to it. for service contact /whats app or Email Spiritual healer-Mama Profroy on:+27612740438

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