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Spirituality has taken a back-seat to the many other priorities thrown at us.

Spiritual healings service

Spirituality has taken a back-seat to the many other priorities thrown at us. In a spiritually malnourished society, we've lost our connection to that which makes us human. We find ourselves chasing down other's dreams or constructs of what they believe our lives shouldn't be In the end, we find an empty void that we've so desperately tried to fill with meaningless things, here you will find that you never needed to fill any void in your life because when you are connected to your true spirit, you'll see there is no such thing as a deficit. We are right where we're supposed to be, doing exactly that which will best help us grow. If your question about "spiritually?", know that spiritual healer-Mamaprofroy is here to heal you!.

Mamaprofroy'powerful Spiritual healing service

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How healed Spiritually

*Be patient, Healing doesn't happen in a day, especially for spiritual healing. You may work on your spirit for a decade and find one day that you've fallen into an old belief that you'd thought to be long gone. There's no benefit in further beating yourself up, just be patient, this is life, so allow it to happen. If you're working to stand up for yourself with healthy boundaries and find that you fumble, don't worry, Patience will be one of your greatest allies when healing because we often have to repeat lessons a few times before getting them right.


*Do understand what spirituality is for you, as mentioned before earlier, the majority of us grew up with the notion that spirituality happens in a temple under a strict code of rules and regulations. If this environment makes you feel uncomfortable, then this is likely a place that will stifle your spirit. Various metaphysical healers and philosophers have often pointed to spirituality being an awakening process. What this means is that we already know what areas light up our spirits, it's just a matter of awakening to them. 

For some people, when they get on a stage in front of others and sing their heart out, they feel that bright connection to their spirit for others, when they work on a mechanical, they feel connected to something bigger in that moment. As you heal, you'll feel your spirit and be able to more accurately hone into it.


*Love yourself, this is always the first step to connecting with your spirit. If you've been bashing yourself for living the wrong life or mulling over the past, now is the right moment to stop that. Know that when you say negative messages to yourself, you are diminishing your own spirit, taking you further away from where you want to be. A great exercise to try is to observe your thoughts for one day, without labeling them either good or bad and instead just watching them. This will help you love yourself more and bring healing to your spirit.


*Observe your mind, this step is a continuation of the exercise from the first step. When you can eliminate judgment from your mental space, you'll see the thoughts you have with more clarity. For many people out there, we've been told what spirituality is in religious terms, meaning that you must follow a certain set of rules. It's possible when you no longer judge your thoughts as for right or wrong, that you'll shed unnecessary concepts or beliefs no longer helping you. At this stage, some people see beyond emotional reactions and gain understanding the triggers that cause emotive reactions.

*Have fun, Sunshine will blow away old cobwebs around your spirit if you spend some time in its warmth. Remember that healing is a process of making you stronger, which will allow you to laugh and cry more often.

*Feel your emotions, allow those emotions to come out of their suppressed cases. If you hear a story that touches your heart, don't hold back the tears, if they're coming, this is your spirit talking physically. Your emotions play an integral part in your life's journey, don't bind them to ideas brewed from misinformation. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, then validate that emotional response; don't beat it up for happening. As you heal, you'll find yourself becoming more comfortable expressing your true feelings, rather than what you believe others want.


*Give back. Your spirits lift to new heights when you give to others because you know that you're using your gifts to their fullest potential. When you give, you'll find that you get more in return. When you help others heal, you'll find yourself healing in the process. Giving back doesn't mean you have to volunteer somewhere destitute or to even leave your house, because it's different for everyone.



*Using Alternative Healing Method, the journey towards spiritual transformation and self-mastery. that offer you solace and guidance. Attend temple to get in touch with your spiritual side. Use spiritual guidelines to help you make decisions and focus on self-healing. Consult with a Powerful spiritual healer -Mamaprofroy for further information and service contact or email

Powerful Method of healings

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How to be Healed Your Soul

The power of the Soul is passion, creativity, intuition, and connection with the Divine. Regardless of which spiritual path or religion you follow you can access the power of your Soul to create a life worth living and wealth.

*Understand the true nature of your Soul. 

*Deepen your connection with the Divine

*Explore passion and the true pleasure.

*Turn inward and explore relaxation meditation

*Dive deep into your feelings

*Ask yourself every morning,-

-What can I do today to help someone? 

-How can I serve?

-Who could I call to lift their spirits? 

When you give out of service and unconditional love you feed and heal your Soul. Being kind, loving and supportive of others is its own reward.


Express your feelings on a daily basis, either by having a journey or talking to an intimate friend, family or great root ancestors.
Consult spiritual healer Mamaprofroy or other connection with your Divine, record your passions and dreams.
Don't forget to protect one's self away from negative energies and spirits by praying and having someone to support or guide you whether it be a spiritual healer, priest. Make sure you have the support there whenever you need it.

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