A Voodoo doll.
Louisiana Voodoo or Voodoo to has been associated with modern black magic drawn together in popular culture and fiction. However, while hexing or cursing may be accepted through black magic practices, Voodoo has its own distinct history and traditions that have little to do with the traditions of modern witchcraft.

In fact, Voodoo tradition makes its own distinction between black and white magic, with sorcerers like the Bokor known for using magic and rituals of both. But their penchant for magic associated with curses, poisons, and zombies means they, and Voodoo in general, are regularly associated with black magic in particular, for service or advice contact Powerful voodoo caster Mamaprofroy via email or WhatsApp

I like this guy and don't know how he feels. Will he like me after I do the spell?
Spiritual MamaProfroy~
In my opinion, it honestly depends on what kind of spell you are using. Some spells allow the victim "the person being cast upon" to have their own free will, meaning that if the said person does not like you and doesn't want to like you then the spell will not work. On the other hand, some spells force the other person to in a way unwillingly like you. They may not realize it, for that is what the spell does
. for service contact Spiritual Mamaprofroy via email or WhatsApp no.+27612740438


Why would people use voodoo dolls?

People use voodoo dolls for different reasons but mostly a voodoo doll can be used for good in your own life or in the lives of others:

for love, healing, protection, success and many other things.

The doll is often a representation of the person who desires to appeal to the Voodoo spirits. It may be a faith object or a source of empowerment.for service contact Spiritual Mamaprofroy via email or what app no.+27612740438

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